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Eczema & Dermatitis Soothing Salve


Vegan. An all natural salve especially formulated with Seabuckthorn Oils, Chamomile,, Helicrysum, Rosehip and Pomegranate Essential Oils to combat the dry, itching skin experienced with such conditions as eczema and dermatitis. Can also be used as a protective moisturizer for extremely dry skin. Safe for children.


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Antimicrobial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients help to reduce the painful itch and inflammation associated with eczema and dermatitis. Transdermal and super healing SBT Seabuckthorn Seed & Fruit Oils help this salve penetrate deep and heal the various layers of the skin. This salve heals and repairs dry, damaged, cracked, chapped, sore, and inflamed skin. As with all of our Soothing Salves it also provides a critical moisture barrier and helps protect from environmental damage. Effective at naturally combatting the painful effects of eczema and dermatitis. Safe for children and babies. 100% Natural, petroleum free product. Preservative free. Recyclable/ repurposable packaging. Contains 110 g.

Additional Information

Ingredients Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax, Sea buckthorn Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Sea buckthorn Fruit Oil, Helichrysum Oil,and Chamomile Oil
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Customer Reviews

Eczema Salve!Review by Chelsea
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We are (staying) north of Puerto Vallarta in La Peñita and I have to say that everyone loves your eczema salve. I’ve brought it with me and between heat rashes, sun burns and bug bites, I think there are a handful of converts! – Chelsea
(Posted on 2018-04-25)
A Game Changer!Review by Leanne
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I have suffered with eczema for all my life. After year and years of using prescription steroid creams I wanted to find something that was not chemical and potentially harmful. The SBT Seabuckthorn Soothing Salve for Eczema and Dermatitis has been such a game changer. The first time I used the Salve I noticed an improvement in my skin. After a few days of use, my eczema flare up was almost entirely cleared up. I was stunned to see that this natural product worked as good, if not better than the harmful pharmaceutical eczema creams. I am SO thankful to have found it! (Posted on 2018-01-22)
Nothing worked for my Dad's eczema until this - not even prescriptions or top name brands! SBT's Eczema Soothing Salve is amazing!Review by Rosy JulieBC
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My father has eczema on his back and the skin irritation can become very uncomfortable for him. Though I’m a huge SBT Seabuckthorn fan, I’d hesitated to recommend that he try the eczema salve because I didn’t think he’d try it (he's a HUGE fuss-pot when it comes to what he'll use). That said, his eczema was really bothering him last month, so my mother went after him with the eczema salve (which she already owns because she loves how it works for her own skin) and applied it to his back.

My father instantly felt relief from the eczema itchiness, and he has applied the salve without complaint every day since he first tried it. It lasts the whole day and evening for him (he just applies it once, after his morning shower) and it works better than the prescription cream or the Cetaphyl eczema lotion he has previously used.

He sent me this email to tell me about it:
“Thank you for suggesting SBT Seabuckthorn Eczema Soothing Salve for my eczema. The name is very appropriate. My eczema was quite itchy and very uncomfortable. I have tried many skin care products to alleviate the itchiness but have not found anything that offers much relief. This product WORKS!!!! Almost immediately the itchiness calmed and I was symptom free all evening.”

I visited my parents yesterday, and my father enthusiastically requested that I add a new container of the salve to my next order from SBT Seabuckthorn. The order was made and the package is currently in the mail.
(Posted on 2017-09-05)
Psoriasis BetterReview by June
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I have PPP Psoriasis and have tried all the steroid ointments and creams to no avail. Medications are not an alternative for me at this time. I started using SBT Salve, Eczema & Dermatitis and my flare ups are of shorter duration, less pustulars. As of the past week, I have started to use the Berry Essence Salve as it states in the ad that it is for psoriasis. Wonderful salves that I would recommend to anyone. June (Posted on 2017-02-07)
Definitely RecommendReview by Ritu
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My daughter had eczema at 3 months. During this time, her doctors would recommend steriod creams to be applied topically. I researched online for more natural remedies for eczema since I wanted to avoid the constant use of steriods. This salve was such a godsend! I used it regularly on her skin after a bath or if her skin was itchy and dry. During flareups, when her skin was red, I used the prescribed steriods sparingly for a day or two followed by this salve. It really works and has helped in managing my daughter's eczema. Its thick but soothing and works very well. (Posted on 2017-01-19)

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