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Skin Health


 While it is natural to be preoccupied with the skin’s appearance, science has another story to tell. Our largest organ, the skin is an essential component of the body’s life support system. It protects, regulates, purifies and even nourishes. In fact, with its own remarkable form of photosynthesis our skin magically converts sunbeams into indispensable Vitamin D. A highly efficient, self-regulating and self-sustaining system, the skin, like all our organs receives its nourishment through a network of blood vessels that carry life giving oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body.

Under normal conditions the epidermis or outer layer is kept soft and supple through water, nutrients and lipids delivered from the middle layer, the dermis. Stressors such as poor diet, environmental conditions, chemical irritants and illnesses can increase skin dryness and fragility and inhibit the body’s ability to nourish and repair. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrition is critical to the restoration and optimization of the organism as a whole and specialized topical skincare treatments can replace vital nutrients and fight free radical damage through their trans-dermal activity. As well, application of creams, oils and ointments can also inhibit the loss of moisture and lipids thus supporting the “inside” process of renewal.

Our primary objective at SBT Seabuckthorn is to support skin health internally, through our unique nutrition and externally with our oils, salves and creams. We are always available to take your calls and answer your emails in order to assist you in addressing your particular skin problems. All our contact information is at the bottom of every page.