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SBT Apothecary

Luxurious Personal Skincare


We couldn’t be more excited to announce the opening of our very own Apothecary! Our wonderful customers (that’s you) have helped to grow our line to over 50 products and we couldn’t be more thankful. Something that has come up over the years is just how different everyone’s skin can be. This is why we are launching our new micro-batch apothecary. It will offer new skin care & personal care options, unique limited edition products, and best of all, customizable skincare options!

Every product made in our Apothecary is created by our very own onsite skin witch Crystal who has formulated many of the products you have already come to love. Crystal has knack for being able to mix up magical potions that will help to clarify and heal your skin, plus leave it radiant & glowing – all you have to do it tell her what your concerns/problems are and she will do the rest.

Our Apothecary will be 100% natural and only use healing botanicals that are good for your skin, and the environment AND its inhabitants (we would never EVER use anything endangered or tested on animals). Everything will be 100% vegan and free from all things unnatural that you would never want on your skin or in your products. We use only 100% pure therapeutic and/or food grade essential oils, butters, & waxes which is why your skin will thrive on any of these formulations.

We have listed our first few apothecary products with more to come in the new year. + Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop Crystal an email (cnoble@sbtseabuckthorn.com) or call to arrange a consult in 2018 and she would be happy to chat with you to discuss formulating the right product for you and your skincare needs/concerns.

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