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Acne Starter Package

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The SBT Seabuckthorn Acne Starter Package treats acne naturally. The kit contains one each of our top three acne fighting products including: SBT Seabuckthorn Tea Bar, SBT Seabuckthorn Seed Oil 30 ML and SBT Seabuckthorn Single Source 50 ML Oil and Skin Repair Salve

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SBT Single Source Oil 50 ML Sensitive or reactive skin is often deficient in Omega Fatty Acids. Start your day with a full gram of our combined Seed and Fruit Oil. 1/8 teaspoon in the morning and one at night will do it.. Not only is your skin receiving the Omegas, it is also being nourished by Tocopherols, Phospholipids and Phytosterols, over 15 skin protecting and nourishing Carotenoids, as well as up to 35% of the rare Omega 7 this oil from the Seabuckthorn berry nourishes the skin at the cellular level.Seabuckthorn acts internally and externally on the three main acne culprits: immune system and endocrine (hormone) imbalances, and chronic inflammation. Seabuckthorn contains several potent natural anti-inflammatory agents (including quercetin and salycins), as well as several groups of micronutrients (including Omegas 3,6, 7 and 9) that work together to balance and regulate the body's hormonal and immune systems. Topical Seabuckthorn applications soften, smooth and strengthen the skin and reduce scarring, swelling and inflammation, allowing the skin to finally break the inflammatory cycle and heal itself. Seabuckthorn is also a mild analgesic, which discourages scratching and picking, and is an anti-microbial. Taken internally, seabuckthorn moderates and regulates the inflammatory, immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems, and balances the skin's cells by strengthening cell and blood vessel walls.

Directions for Use

For best results use our Seabuckthorn products exclusively for the duration of the SBT Acne Treatment Program. Use only your fingertips to cleanse and apply our oil. No scrubs, face clothes or exfoliating fabrics should be used during this time. Treat your sensitive skin with the most tender care. Pat don’t rub!

Start with the SBT Seabuckthorn Seed Oil For the first three or four days we recommend that you do not use any make up on your skin and that you cleanse with warm water only and lightly pat dry. Shake the oil into the palm of your hand and apply gently to your face. Do not rub the oil into your skin but pat it on for full and complete coverage. Be sure to use enough to ensure that you are moisturizing your skin. Our SBT Seed Oil is very fine and absorbent and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky with no oily residue. The oil should absorb fully in several minutes after which you can apply any foundation or cover-up.

On the third day begin using the SBT Seabuckthorn Tea Bar. Start by splashing your face with warm water to prepare for cleansing. Suds up the SBT Tea Bar in your hands and gently wash your face. Be sure your face remains very moist while cleansing. Thoroughly rinse your face using just warm water. Gently pat dry with a soft cloth. Cleanse once or twice a day and apply oil as directed above after each cleansing.

Additional Information

Ingredients A bottle of Pure Organic, Seabuckthorn Seed Oil. A Vegan Therapeutic Tea Cleansing Bar which contains Seabuckthorn leaf extract, seabuckthorn oil, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, purified water and soda crystals. The SBT Seabuckthorn Single Source 50 ML Oil is a 50/50 mixture organic seed oil and fruit oil. The kit also contains our anti-inflammatory and healing Skin Repair Salve.
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