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Welcome To SBT Seabuckthorn


  Who are we?

We are a proudly West Coast Canadian company committed  to helping conserve the earth, improve your health, and heal your skin with products made from the miracle that is Seabuckthorn.  Our goal is to contribute to human health and wellness and the fact that Seabuckthorn is an eco-hero that has the capacity to help heal the planet makes us proud to work with it as a key ingredient in all of our products.

 Susan McLoughlin, President and CEO

 Susan is the founder and principal shareholder of SBT Seabuckthorn International. She has been working with Seabuckthorn since 1991. In partnership with her late husband Colin, Ms. McLoughlin pioneered the Seabuckthorn Industry in Canada. An expert in all aspects of Seabuckthorn, Ms. McLoughlin in partnership with her exceptional staff is responsible for the creation and manufacture of the most complete and unique line of consumer Seabuckthorn products. Susan's favourite products are the Single Source Oil, Night Cream and the Sensitive Skin Salve.

 Crystal Noble, Vice President Operations

 Crystal is our brilliant formulator, social media diva and production manager. She is young, bursting with ideas and energy and I do not know what I would do without her! Crystal is the point person at all trade shows. Crystal is a graduate of the Okanagan College Business Administration Faculty. Crystal recently married Peter and they live in Peachland. Crystal's favourite products are the Muscle and Joint Salve, Tea and 3 In One Shampoo Bar. Crystal's husband Peter is very active and swears by the Heal To Toe Salve!

 Barbara Masters Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Barb does much more than keep books! She handles all orders, invoices, FDA prior notices, and so much more. Barb is a longtime Peachland resident and lives right downtown on Beach Avenue with her husband Jim and two dogs. Barb's favourite products are Single Source Oil, Day Cream and the Muscle and Joint Salve.

Jesse Young Production Assistant

Jesse has just joined us much to Crystal's delight. She brings a rich background in natural and ayurvedic product development as well as organic farmer. Stay tuned for the list of Jesse's favourite SBT products!


  What do we do?

Boasting over 190 bioactive nutrients Seabuckthorn is one of the most nutritionally dense plants.  We utilize the healing powers of the leaf, fruit, and seed of the Seabuckthorn plant to support mucous membrane and digestive health, as well as skin, cardiovascular, and mobility health.   Our supplements contain only 100% pure USDA Organic sea buckthorn oils.  We don’t use any carrier oils or fillers.  Our seabuckthorn oils are non-GMO, and certified USDA Organic.  The USDA Organic sea buckthorn oil that we sell for internal consumption is the very same high quality therapeutic oil that goes into our handcrafted skincare products.

Seabuckthorn oil is the key ingredient in all of our therapeutic all natural skincare products and helps to treat and heal a variety of skin conditions and concerns.  Our skincare line offers Therapeutic Cleansing Bars, Nutritional Skin Creams, Therapeutic Shampoos & Conditioners, and 14 different Soothing Salves to help calm, moisturize, heal, protect, and nourish your skin from head to toe.

Where do we do it?

We are based in the small village of Peachland on the shores of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. We manufacture all our products in our Health Canada licensed facility right here in Peachland.  Our products are distributed in Europe and Asia and are represented in Canada by Purity Life Health Products. Our supplements are licensed by Health Canada. Because Seabuckthorn is such a powerful healer in the past decade we have become the go to company for people with skin problems of every degree of difficulty.

The company's anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and all-natural skincare line contains over 20 healing oils including Rosehip, Pomegranate and Helichrysum working synergistically with the eponymous Hippophae Rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn) to bring healing love to undernourished or damaged skin.

How did we start?

My husband Colin McLoughlin and I first encountered the Seabuckthorn plant in 1991. At that time we had a plant nursery in Maple Ridge BC where we grew plants for erosion control. We were introduced to Seabuckthorn through Dick Grimshaw who was the Asian Agricultural specialist with the World Bank. He recommended Seabuckthorn as a very successful form of botanical erosion control.

As more information came to light it became clear that as well as being an eco-hero the Sseabuckthorn plant was also a nutritional powerhouse. It wasn't long before we embarked on a whole new career path dedicated to bringing this healing nutrition to the North American consumer.After much research SBT Seabuckthorn created its first skin-friendly formulation using the nutritional potency of the Seabuckthorn plant, The company now manufactures a full line of therapeutic products employing a rich assortment of fine ingredients from around the globe.

 What do we value?

Honesty is the wellspring of a good life. From it emerges power, freedom, love and harmony. Honesty makes choices simple although not necessarily easy. It guides us through an often frantic and very complex world to be the best we can be and do the best we can do.

Working with the Seabuckthorn plant has established a foundation of respect and love for the brilliance and generosity of the natural world. This respect extends to everyone we encounter and everything we do. We respect our products. We source the highest quality ingredients possible for our products and we insist that we feel pride in everything we do. We respect our customers. We have committed to making a difference in their lives with the exceptional healing properties that our products deliver.We respect each other and that makes for a happy, harmonious workplace!

Again, being around Seabuckthorn every day, how could we not value quality? It gives the very best that nature possesses. It is the benchmark for every other ingredient we use in our products. It informs how we package our products, the care we take in shipping, the interaction with customers, everything. Our products are effective because we value quality. Each of our products is formulated to have the highest therapeutic impact on the conditions it treats. We research the botanical compounds that will have the greatest effect and then we locate the purest, most potent form available.

We are talking about trust. Our trust in what we are putting into our products and your trust in our products. As much as possible we purchase USDA Organic ingredients. If we are unable to locate these we source organically grown and wildcrafted. When that is not possible we purchase the highest quality material from the most reputable suppliers. 

All our suppliers produce certificates of analysis for their goods. In addition, we have regularly scheduled analyses conducted at Silliker Laboratories (Mérieux NutriSciences) in Vancouver, BC. We are required by Health Canada to have every batch of Oil analysed yearly. We are pleased to do so as it gives us confidence that what we are selling to you will be of the greatest benefit possible.  


"For all our relations - not only the two legged, but the winged ones, the crawling ones, the four legged, the plants, the trees and those that live in the water. We must look after those that nurture life - the fire, the earth, the water and the air. We must find the balance."  Peter Miller, Department of Philosophy, University of Winnipeg

Serendipity or the hand of fate or a conspiracy of goodness must have brought all of us together at SBT Seabuckthorn for we are all passionate about our beautiful blue planet! Our love and caring for our community and our earth informs so much of what we do. From the ingredients that go into our products to the minimal packaging we employ the well being of the planet is a consideration from start to finish.

Product packaging is 100% the responsibility of the manufacturer. How we package our products requires just as much consideration as how we make them. This is particularly relevant in 2016 where it is predicted that by 2025 our oceans will contain one ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fish. Clearly this is completely unsustainable and for our part we made the decision very early on to minimize our packaging and to use only packaging that could be reclycled or reused. It is our obligation and privilege to support you, our customers in your efforts to care for the planet.

One of our recent earth friendly initiatives was to eliminate palm oil from all our products. Palm oil is used in so many food and cosmetic products because of its high melting point and sadly its cheap price. Unfortunately the harvesting of palm has devastated the forests and the lives of indigenous peoples and the animals of many South Asian countries so it is with great relief that we have become palm oil free. We are constantly evaluating our processes and priorities to improve how we conduct our business. There is no shortage of improvements to be made and one at a time we are reducing our carbon footprint.




If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us direct on: 250 767 6100 or toll free in North America at 1 877 767 6101.

We are available Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm Pacific Time