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Organic Powders

We are thrilled to introduce our new line of Okanagan Essentials Fruit and Vegetable Powders! Grown right here in British Columbia, these home grown powders are Certified Organic and Kosher. We are so pumped to be able to supply these special powders made from fresh, organic, local produce. We have provided the Nutrition Facts for each product. Please note that the percentages refer to the percent of the daily recommended dosage. Check out Eat Alive and Thrive's beautiful photos below for some great ways to use these powders.


Okanagan Essentials BC Grown Organics      Certified Organic Canada     BC Grown Organic Fruits and Vegetables     Kosher

           Courtesy of Sheila at Eat Alive And Thrive            Courtesy of Sheila at Eat Alive And Thrive          Courtesy of Sheila at Eat Alive And Thrive