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As a result of an article on seabuckthorn and rosacea in FIRST for Women magazine (see the recent blog post SBT Seabuckthorn International in ‘First for Women’ magazine for more information), there has been a spike in interest in our rosacea treatment packages.

The article mentions Michele Guy, a long-time customer of ours who has had great success using our products, including the SBT Seabuckthorn Berry Cream included in our full rosacea programme.

We’re thrilled that Ms Guy’s rosacea is successfully controlled using our products, and we’re thrilled that she was able to share her story with the world! However the article gave a somewhat inaccurate impression of how we treat rosacea using seabuckthorn-based products.

Our rosacea treatment packages are carefully balanced to treat the unique issues faced by rosacea sufferers from the inside out. In our full rosacea package, we include our berry cream to be used once the rosacea symptoms are under control, but not before!

Rosacea is a symptom in part of an over-active immune system, chronic inflammation, and extreme sensitivity, and in addition to the important internal application of tea and supplements, the topical application of our natural seabuckthorn soap and oils is what we have found to be the best at relieving symptoms without causing further irritation. Complex preparations, including even our simple creams, can further stimulate inflammatory and immune system responses, counteracting the positive effects of the seabuckthorn.

Once the acute rosacea symptoms are under control and the normal immune and inflammatory responses are restored, our berry cream, along with other appropriate skin preparations, can be introduced.

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