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Why a natural hair care routine is so important –

We now know that the skin absorbs much more than we had believed in the past (it is estimated that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed). One area that many people forget about is their sensitive scalps which are believed to absorb even more chemicals than the rest of your skin.

Hair care products contain some of the scariest ingredients in the beauty world including SLS, DEA, Parabens, and even formaldehyde (yes that’s right – formaldehyde).

SLS is a lathering agent that is used in shampoos, soaps, body washes, & even toothpaste. It is a serious skin irritant with long term effects still unknown (but it doesn’t look good) with so many natural lathering agents out there – there is no reason for SLS to be in any product other than the fact that it is so cheap ( but makes for a low quality ingreidents list)

DEA (cocamide diethanolamine) aka cocamide DEA is a very common natural ingredient that you want to avoid at all costs – it is derived from coconut which seems innocent enough but it was added to California’s known list of carcinogens back in 2012. This ingredient is found in many drug store & ‘natural’ shampoos – but it is an ingredient to stay far away from. DEA is another lathering agent and is often used in place of SLS in natural shampoos to mislead consumers to the cleanliness of the ingredients.

Parabens – I’m sure most people have heard of parabens at least in passing. This scary scary chemical is a preservative used in everything from hair care, to make up, to skincare and it has many names to watch out for (Methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben). Many natural products use a preservative called Japanese Honeysuckle which although being natural acts just like a paraben in the body. Parabens are a category 1 priority substance because there is evidence that it interferes with hormone function and can mimic estrogen. Parabens have been found in breast cancer tissues which suggests a relationship between parabens and cancer.

Formaldehyde – often used in hair smoothing and salon treatments. Hair salons that use these smoothing treatments actually have to test the levels of formaldehyde in the air to make sure it is with in the allowable level. The short term allowable limit for formaldehyde is 2 parts per million – in 2012 four salons in California were fined for testing as high as 5x the allowable limit (10 parts per million).

These are only four ingredients of many that you need to pay attention to. Even if some shampoos say they don’t have SLS – they might have a different kind of sulfate which has the same properties & effects on the body just a slightly different chemical structure and name.

There are many amazing brands out there that don’t have scary chemicals and still offer salon quality – ours is one of them.

All of our shampoos are 100% natural, and free from SLS, DEA, Parabens, & other scary chemicals. They are hand mixed & hand poured in house by SBT employees and are never tested on animals (the only guinea pigs in this company are the employees – and when dealing with the high quality therapeutic natural ingredients that we do there has never been so much as an irritation when testing any product).

If you haven’t made the natural haircare switch we urge you to give it a try – every order from seabuckthorn.com this weekend will get a complimentary sample pack of our Lavender, Peppermint, & Lemon Tea Tree Hair Care duos so you can try them all before making your decision.

Hope you enjoyed our little segment on natural hair care and its importance to your health – and in the words of Phoebe ‘lather rinse repeat’

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