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After 15 years bringing healthy, beautiful skin to our customers, we are thrilled to announce that our products are now Palm oil free.
Over a decade ago, our Peachland, BC-based company created its first skin-friendly formulation using the nutritional potency of the seabuckthorn plant, heretofore unknown to the North American market, but widely-used in Europe and Asia for the anti-inflammatory and age-fighting properties of its 190 nutrients.

From the first time I saw the clinically-proven effects of the Seabuckthorn oils, I knew that this was the unique bio-active I wanted to use as the base of my skincare line. I rounded out the pro-skin formulations of our cleansing bars, salves and moisturisers with some of the best pro-skin oils Mother Nature has to offer. Our anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and all-natural skincare line contains up to 20 healing oils including Rosehip, Pomegranate and Helichrysum working synergistically with the Hippophae Rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn) to bring healing love to undernourished skin.

SBT Seabuckthorn has employed Palm oil as one of the bases in our Therapeutic Cleansing Bars and Salves because it has a high melting point and brings stability to the products.  While Palm oil  has long been a staple in products in the beauty and wellness sectors, its use is not uncontroversial.

I have been very conscious of the issues surrounding Palm oil for quite some time. Although our supplier has long-provided us with a sustainably-sourced Palm oil, I have never been confident of how sustainable it actually is. Palm oil plantations are typically grown on de-forested land primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia, regions blighted by the deleterious effects of cash crop production, including loss of biodiversity and cultural & economic independence for indigenous populations. In short, the impact on the environment is catastrophic. We continue to strive to reduce our ecological footprint in every area of the business and the elimination of Palm oil aligns perfectly with that commitment.

Since initiating the process of eliminating Palm Oil, our formulator Crystal Laughlin and I have been pleasantly surprised with the new, even more sustainable products. Because Palm was used as a hardening agent, its elimination has had no effect on the important therapeutic properties of the products. With a few adjustments to the recipes we were able to completely eliminate Palm oil without including any additional ingredients. The result is in our opinion a smoother, more luxurious and stable product.

Our popular cleansing bars are the first to go Palm oil free and we will be delivering them into the marketplace within a month. We are currently reformulating all our salves to make them Palm oil free. We are in the process of eliminating beeswax as well so all our healing salves will also be vegan.

In addition to its well-publicised nutritional and therapeutic properties, the Seabuckthorn plant is an eco-hero, contributing to the fight against soil depletion and adding nutrient value to the very ground it grows in. Actually, my first introduction to Seabuckthorn was as an ecological remedy for soil erosion. Even though our goal as a company is to contribute to human health and wellness, I have always felt a responsibility to honour the core greatness of this plant, as a vector that has the capacity to help heal the planet. I’m grateful to be producing products that are even more in line with that value.

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