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A few days ago, Bill Maher came down hard – in his own inimitable way – on Big Pharma, critiquing pharmaceutical companies, the politicians that enable them, and the people who obligingly turn to pills first rather than lifestyle changes.

Some memorable sound bytes include:

…But none of the plans address the real problem: we won’t stop being sick until we stop making ourselves sick. Because… Because there is a point where even the most universal government health program can’t help you.  


…At the L.A. County Fair last week, they were serving something called ‘Fried Coke’. Now my first thought was, gosh, what a waste of a perfectly good eight ball. But no, they actually pour the Coca Cola syrup into a deep fryer, then put it in a cup and top it with sugar and whipped cream, and … a cherry, because, you know, fruit is good for you! 


…In Hillary Clinton’s health plan, the words ‘nutrition’ and ‘exercise’ appear once. The word ‘drugs’, 14 times. Just as the pharmaceutical companies want. You know, their ad weasels love to say, ‘When diet and exercise fail…’. Well, diet and exercise don’t fail. A fact brought home last week by a new Duke University study that showed, exercise, yes exercise, is just as effective a cure for depression as Paxil or Zoloft. So ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you!!

The Duke University study Mr Maher mentioned was probably Study proves exercise can lift depression, released October 7, 2007. This study was followed up with Study: Exercise Has Long-Lasting Effect on Depression, which is dated September 2000, but is also labelled as an update of the previous study. I owe a debt of thanks to Mr Maher for identifying these gems, which go along perfectly with my recent blog post, Exercise is as good as drugs for mild to moderate depression!


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