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Dr E.G., at the top of our More Testimonials page, has a very strong opinion of how to treat rosacea, and the role of the Demodex mite!

… For me (my complexion is pretty good, by the way) the oils tone the skin and seem to diminish excess oily secretions.  So if it is true that seabuckthorn oil is effective against the demodex and hence creates a healthier skin, it should prove useful.  The pure oils seem both to tone and condition the skin very nicely.  I am already recommending it to my wife.  Given the high vitamin E and C contents it should be exceptionally salubrious. … As of a few days of the pure oil my skin feels and looks great already …

Dr E.G. in his comments (reproduced fully on our website) supports our assertions, that the pure oil is the best treatment for acne rosacea. We continue to hear from many people who find the soothing, healing oil of the seabuckthorn seed to be the best refuge from the fires of rosacea.

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