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Over the last year we have been making some BIG changes at SBT Seabuckthorn. To kick off the year we eliminated palm oil from our cleansing bars. Then we eliminated palm oil from our Soothing Salves and made them 100% vegan by swapping our beeswax for plant sourced candelilla wax. Next we reformulated our creams a little bit to offer you the best & cleanest ingredients available. Then we launched our new Seabuckthorn Wellness Matcha & gave our wonderful Seabuckthorn Teas a well deserved update. After that we updated the looks of our oils – they are still the same on the inside just with a new ‘party dress’ on. All our 30, 50, & 100ml oils also now come with a dropper for easy & mess free application/usage. Lastly, entering our final quarter of the year we have bid farewell to our Single Source Capsules. We have been getting inquiries in regards to why we removed this product from our line and here are some of the reasons:

  1. We are moving in the direction of a 100% vegan line and as the capsule casings contain gelatin the capsules don’t align with our company vision & mission.  As all of our products are already cruelty free we have decided to go in a 100% vegan direction to lessen our environmental footprint.  Also – we love our animal friends, we would never ever test our products on them – so why would we make a product that uses a byproduct from them?
  2. Seabuckthorn Oil is 100% sustainable. By not having this oil encapsulated we are able to have a 100% sustainable product because it doesn’t contain any animal byproduct.  There is no such thing as a sustainable product that contains animal products or by products.
  3. Single Source Oil is more eco-friendly than the capsules. As this oil isn’t encapsulated it goes through less manufacturing & less shipping then the capsules did. This results in a much smaller footprint in terms of shipping & manufacturing emissions.  This in turn also helps us keeps the costs down for our wonderful customers (that’s you!) & we are proud to have not raised our prices in the last 10+ years despite the high costs of seabuckthorn & low(er) canadian dollar.
  4. You can still take your Single Source! Our Single Source Oil (30, 50, & 100ml) is the very same 100% pure organic seabuckthorn oil that we use(d) for our capsules.
  5. Single Source Oil is way more versatile and just as convienant! It can be taken by the spoon (1/4 tsp. twice per day or 1/2 tsp. at once), added to smoothies, soups, juices, chia puddings, & more.
  6. Your nutrients will be more rapidly absorbed because your body doesn’t have to work harder to break down the capsule casing. This is great for everyone but especially those with stomach & digestive issues.  For maximum absorption take with your two healthiest meals of the day.
  7. It can be used topically as well! A couple drops can be added to your favourite skin oil/cream for an extra nutritional seabuckthorn boost.
  8. Single Source Oil is AMAZING for your oral health & oral mucosa. Seabuckthorn Seed Oil helps to remove plaque from your teeth while Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil (Amazing Omgea 7) helps to repair & balance oral mucosa. Seabuckthorn Oil is also a powerful analgesic & anti-inflammatory which will help with swollen sore throats come cold & flu season.
  9. We are going to be offering our 100ml Single Source Oil for the same price as our Single Source Capsules (90s). One bottle of Single Source 90’s contains 90 grams of oil where the 100ml Single Source Oil contains 100 grams. This means you are getting an extra 5 servings per bottle for the same price. Each 100 ml bottle of oil contains aproximately 100 servings or a 50 day supply (at recommended dosage). Also, did we mention that this oil is good for 5 years from the date of manufacture!?! Which means even if you forget about it in the back of your cupboard (which we don’t want you to but lets be honest everyone does it) it will still be good come Spring cleaning time (for the next 3-4 years).
  10. Lastly, our Single Source Oil (all sizes) come in a unbreakable glass jar with a dropper top for easy & mess free measuring. Glass is simply the best in terms of packaging because it is the purest way that products can be stored.  We use amber glass bottles because it helps the oil to hold its nutrition (some nutrients like carotenoids can break down with light exposure).  It should be stored at room temperature in a dry cupboard.

We hope you are as excited about all of these big changes at SBT as we are. We strive to offer you the best products possible, not only in terms of quality & ingredients, but in terms of our eco-responsibilty to support, heal, & revitalize this beautiful planet that is our home. Did you know over a million hectares of Seabuckthorn has been planted worldwide to repair damaged land? This is because Seabuckthorn actually heals the very earth that gives it life by replacing nitrogen back in to damaged soil. It gives back to earth more than it takes – a mentality which we have adopted at SBT for a greener future.



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