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One of the first  research studies that I came across on Seabuckthorn discussed the amazing healing and analgesic properties of Seabuckthorn Oil in the treatment of burns.  Like most people I found that surprising since oil of any kind is definitely not something I expected to be using to heal burns. Quite the opposite in fact. Well, not only is it effective when applied topically but SBT Seabuckthorn Oil is also very effective when taken internally. Using both is optimal. The following quote is from a paper on SBT and the mucous membranes. Be sure to read the full article as it explores the many healing applications for SBT oils.

“Orally taken sea buckthorn seed oil, pulp oil and a mixture of seed and pulp oils improved esophagitis caused by irradiation therapy (25). Carotenoids and vitamin E in the oils were suggested to be responsible for the clear tissue-regenerative effects observed.”

Over the years we have received many reports of Seabuckthorn Oil’s exceptional healing activity for patients who have received radiation therapy. Those who have used the oils are often amazed at how quickly the tissue regains its former healthy condition. The following comments received from a customer are particularly moving.

“Awhile back I asked what my daughter should use on the burns caused by radiation treatments for cancer. You suggested the oil so I had some sent to her. She couldn’t use it until after all of the treatments were finished. As soon as they were done she tried Vitamin e at night and SBT oil in the morning. After 2 days she gave up on the Vitamin E and used only SBT oil. Her skin cleared so well and looked so smooth that two weeks after her last treatment she went back to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and one of the nurses who remembered how badly she was burned was shocked at the improvement. She asked her what she had used and when my daughter told her she wrote it down. I hope that that nurse finds your web site because there are a lot of them out there now.”

In addition to healing burns it has recently been shown that the high carotenoid content in Seabuckthorn Oil is showing great promise in

burns caused by the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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