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sbtgarden.jpg    With May Long Weekend behind us, many of us are out in our gardens planting this year’s bounty. Time in the garden can be therapeutic and quite relaxing. However, for some of us cuts and scrapes, and rashes can make the aftermath of gardening a little less therapeutic. SBT Seabuckthorn has some incredible products that will make any gardener’s skin sing.

SBT Seabuckthorn Hand Cream

This cream contains additional amounts of our SBT Seabuckthorn Amazing Omega 7 Fruit Oil. Omega 7 is reparative and heals burns, cuts, and scrapes. The SBT Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil in this cream also contains lycopene and other sun protecting compounds to help repair and protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays. SBT Seabuckthorn Hand Cream softens cuticles and leaves hands moisturized and supple.

SBT Seabuckthorn Therapeutic Tea Scrub Bar

With little bits of SBT Seabuckthorn Leaves, the Therapeutic Cleansing Bar is perfect for cleaning dirt and grass stains from hands and feet. It cleans the dirt out of cuticles and callouses with ease. As an exfoliating bar for the body it sloughs off dead skin cells and softens callouses and can be used just like a loofah!

SBT Seabuckthorn Heal to Toe Soothing Salve

This is a must-have for bare-footers! This salve is not only anti-bacterial, anti- microbial, antiseptic and anti-fungal, but it also heals all types of foot afflictions. Cuts, scrapes, sores, blisters, ulcers, and callous cracks. You name it! We’ve even heard it has cleared up problem plantar warts! The combination of essential oils in this salve deliver a complete treatment to problem feet.

SBT Seabuckthorn Eczema & Dermatitis Soothing Salve

Contact dermatitis is big issue for many gardeners. Contact dermatitis can occur on the hands, arms, legs, and feet from contact with various plants, minerals in the soil, and especially contact with pesticides. SBT Seabuckthorn Eczema & Dermatitis Soothing Salve contains powerfully healing oils to reduce the inflammation and severe itch associated with contact dermatitis. Apply liberally to clean skin, in particular as a barrier before heading out in to the yard, or when your poor gardening hands need a little extra TLC.

Visit www.seabuckthorn.com for all of your gardening skin care needs. While quantities last, all orders will receive a free packet of SBT Seabuckthorn Seeds with planting directions, as well as a free complete sample pack of our brand new SBT Seabuckthorn Therapeutic Shampoos!

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