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Palm Oil is one of the most destructive ingredients on the planet – and it’s in almost everything.

Palm Oil has been used in everything from food to pharmaceuticals, personal care, animal feed, & even cleaning products. It has many names and comes in many forms – it is found in about 50% of the products you would find at the supermarket.


In recent years more light has been spread on the devastation that Palm oil leaves behind. Animals have been killed & lost their homes – especially orangutans & elephants for Palm oil production and it doesn’t end there. Recent visits to two of the largest ‘sustainable’ Palm oil farms in the world exposed the use of child labor, unethically low wages, unsustainable & illegal practices, + employees are being exposed to Paraquat (a toxic herbicide banned in western countries).


Although the discussion is getting bigger – it’s still not big enough. Banning Palm oil is a cause very near & dear to our hearts at SBT.  After doing more investigating into our RSPO palm oil  there was no way we could continue to use it in our products – so we removed it from our soap & salves!  So far this year we have already cut over 1000 lbs of Palm oil from being used!

Please help us support the ban on Palm oil & urge your favourite companies to do the same. There are many natural, organic, & ‘green’ companies still using Palm oil in their products that are very happy to keep it under the radar so let’s give them the push they need to remove it all together.

Starting in November we will be posting weekly environmental & sustainable tips + lots of eco-awareness and you can be sure palm oil will be high on our list so that we can get the conversation going about this ingredient & the affect it has on our planet & its inhabitants.


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