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Happy Friday the 13th!
What a weird and wonderful day full of superstitions. Something that everyone should be scared of (on a daily basis) are the ingredients that lurk in your everyday personal care products (unless you already use our clean & green products).
Scary ingredients packed with negative impact lurk in products you use everyday from toothpaste, to deodorant, to hair products, hand soap, make up, body wash, lotions/creams, the list goes on and on.
There are so many dangerous ingredients that should have never even been allowed or regulated in the first place.. but here we are in 2018 and there they still are in your products – and not only your products but baby products and products for people with highly sensitive and reactive skin conditions too.
Just last year Johnson & Johnson was sued (and lost) for millions (& millions & millions – $80 million to be exact) because its talcum powder (just talc & fragrance – both know carcinogens) gave a woman cancer – yet there it still is on store shelves everywhere and going on poor little babies bottoms every day. In 2016 Johnson & Johnson actually had over 75,000 lawsuits against them – and that number has only continued to grow.
At SBT we love providing you with natural options for your skincare & many personal care needs. All of our products are free from parabens, SLS, DEA, silicone, aluminum, & a whole mess of other terrible ingredients we would never ever consider letting in our facility – never mind in the products that go on your skin.
It only takes 26 seconds for the ingredients in your personal care to enter your bloodstream and 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed – so if you don’t think that the ingredients in your skincare are important we are sorry (not sorry) to tell you that it is hugely important!
This weekend you can save 25% on everything at sbtseabuckthorn.com and stock up on your favourite clean & green skincare & personal care items.
+ Check out these other amazing natural women owned companies that can help you out with natural/clean ingredient products we don’t offer at SBT. Radius USA is our go to for keeping our smiles fresh & our gums healthy, while Routine. Natural deodorant. keeps BO at bay and has formulas for even the most sensitive of skin.

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