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In addition to fonts, I love birds. One of my favourite pastimes is sitting quietly in my garden listening to the busy chatter and watching the hypnotic movement of birds.  While I do have a lot of glass in my home and deck, my home must be situated just right because, thankfully I do not have many bird meets glass fatalities.  Sadly, according to eighth grade student Charlie Sobcov of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada this is definitely not the norm. Did you know that over 500 million birds die every year from collisions with windows! That is an unimaginable number!

Charlie thought so too so he determined to do something about it. After much research Charlie came up with a brilliant, simple and economical idea. For his latest school science fair project he has invented painted, plastic decals that can be placed — discreetly — right in the middle of a windowpane.

“This paint is a colour that birds can see but humans can’t,” he said Wednesday on CBC Radio’s All in a Day. “It’s like putting a big stop sign in the middle of the window.”  Charlie has done some field-testing of this new invention and it works like a charm. Apparently the birds just veer right away from the windows that have the decals. Not a single bird lost. And the views that we humans so treasure remain unimpeded and pristine.

Don’t you love this idea! I want to buy a bunch right now and give them to all my friends. I am also completely enchanted that someone like Charlie is thinking about things like this. Charlie, you are my hero and I definitely nominate you for the SBT Seabuckthorn Heal the World badge. Thanks Charlie! 


Listen to an interview with Charlie (Real Audio, CBC.ca)

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