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I created this recipe for a neighbour for whom I was doing some Gerson cooking for her anti-cancer diet. The Gerson Protocol limits herbs, aromatics and other concentrated flavours, but my neighbour really needed the extra pizzazz of the herbs, hence the relatively generous quantity of dill. The Gerson protocol also limits cooking temperature, but my time was too limited to experiment with different oven temperatures and cooking times, so I just chose the lowest temperature I knew would work.

The recipe was adapted from Ashley/Medellia12 at Vegan-Food.net, and I am very grateful to that site for the inspiration. I chose their recipe as the basis for mine because it was already fat-free and used oat flour rather than wheat flour. I added dill and changed the proportions a bit, as well as moving the cooking venue from a frying pan to the oven. Gerson doesn’t allow any salt and discourages pepper, so I eschewed those as well.

Gerson prefers unpeeled potato, but my friend was sick of potato skins, so I have used peeled potatoes in all my Gerson recipes.


Potato pancakes

Modified from a recipe on vegan-food.net

October, 2007



1 cup grated baking potato (approximately)

¼ c. finely minced red onion

2-3 tbsps finely minced fresh or frozen dill

3 tbsps oat flour




Preheat oven to 350º

The order of preparation is to minimise browning the potatoes prior to cooking.

Have a baking dish, grater, measuring cups, tablespoon measuring spoon, mixing spoon, potato peeler, two mixing bowls, a chopping board and a knife ready before starting.

If following the measurements exactly, put the oat flour in one of the mixing bowls and mix in enough water to make a thin batter, like a crepe batter.

Mince the dill and onion and add them to the mix.

Peel and grate a cup of potato, then chop it lightly to make the pieces smaller and add to the batter.

Mix thoroughly, spoon out into four neat piles on the baking dish, then gently spread and press until the patties are 4-5 inches in diameter and 1/4-3/8 of an inch thick.

**If you’re adjusting the other ingredients to use up a whole potato (which is usually approximately 1-1/4 cups), then skip the oat flour step, mince a little bit extra dill and onion, grate the whole potato, measure it, and use an extra tbsp of oat flour for every 1/4-1/3 cup of potato. Mix the oat flour mixture in the second mixing bowl and add it after it’s thoroughly mixed.

Bake for 30 mins, then carefully flip the pancakes and cook 20-25 minutes more.


Suggested modifications

·         Leave out the dill and serve with salsa

·         Leave out the dill and serve with applesauce

·         Add some peeled, grated apple (1/4-1/3 cup)

·         Season with different herbs

Feel free to use, adapt, share and/or publish these recipes – credit “Natalie Lanoville” please.

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