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It’s almost thyme for the holidays so we wanted to share one of our favourite herbs & oils with you – thyme. (sorry for the herb puns – there may be many of them in this botanical Tuesday).

Lettuce begin.  You wouldn’t bay-leaf how many benefits there are for thyme!  It has shown benefits when taken internally in the treatment of cancer cells, digestive issues, yeast infections, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and inflammation. Olive these benefits from a herb that is so delicious & packed with some serious nutrition including vitamin k & manganese which aid in slowing cell aging.

Outside of cooking thyme is most commonly used in oil form.   It has many topical benefits including acne repair, hair loss prevention, preventing bacterial growth, & its high amount of anti-oxidants helps to protect cells from free radical damage.

Probably the biggest benefit for using thyme topically is its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria.  This is super important for all skincare & skin types but especially in the treatment of acne (did you know more than 50 million American adults are affected by acne?  It isn’t just a ‘teen’ problem anymore).  It is also much more gentle than some ‘over the counter’ acne treatments and due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

We take advantage of thyme in our Heal to Toe Soothing Salve (no it’s not a typo).  It works synergistically with the anti-microbial powers of seabuckthorn, lemon tea tree, & tea tree oils to make your feet an unwanted host for bacteria.  This salve has demonstrated great success in maintaining healthy feet but also in the treatment of chronic dry feet & Athletes Foot.

Mixing equal parts Seabuckthorn oil & Thyme oil also makes an amazing spot treatment for acne.

Hopefully a couple of you will turnip and enjoy our botanical Tuesday.


**Sorry to anyone who doesn’t enjoy vegetable puns as much as we do

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