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#‎BotanicalTuesday‬ Thank you for everyone who is following our new segment. Today is all about the amazing topical powers of Seabuckthorn seed oil. It has many internal benefits as well that we will be touching on in the future.

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil has been popping up all over in the natural health & beauty industry for years (we were the originals in 1991). It is a beautiful gold-amber colour and is referred to around our head office as ‘liquid gold’ and here is why – It contains Omegas 3 & 6 in a nearly perfect 1:1 ratio which quickly and effectively treats inflammation. It also contains Omega 9, carotenoids, magnesium, natural vitamin e, and phytosterols.

These nutrients work synergistically to help combat a variety of skin conditions (especially inflammatory) as well as soothe & treat dry, sensitive, itchy skin.

Seabuckthorn oil is not only a powerful anti-inflammatory, but a strong analgesic (pain killer) and antipruritic (anti-itch). It also contains anti-microbial powers to help keep skin clean and be an unwelcoming surface for bacteria that can cause harm. These properties make is extremely helpful in the treatment of eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and acne (to name a few). It is also great for those with sensitive and chronic dry skin.

Seabuckthorn Oil can be applied topically to soothe pain, itching, cracked sore skin, dryness, and a myriad of other common and uncommon skin problems. It can also be used to protect skin from environmental damage, heal cuts and burns (AMAZINGLY FAST!), treat blemishes, and as a moisturizing treatment. It is transdermal and therefor penetrates all the layers of your skin as opposed to sitting on the surface – this is one of the properties that makes it so amazing for treating skin conditions & dry skin.

Seabuckthorn seed oil has a scent similar to that of hay or fresh grass. Some love it – some don’t, but the smell goes away quickly once applied to the skin. It is a beautiful gold/amber colour and although it is nowhere near as dark as the fruit oil we still recommend not applying it while in your favourite outfit or right before you go to bed on your satin sheets (it only takes about 20 minutes max. to absorb enough that it won’t stain).

When looking for products containing Seabuckthorn Seed Oil – make sure it is listed as an ingredient (silly I know) because many companies only add in Fruit Oil (which is still great – don’t get me wrong) and you miss out on all the amazing benefits the seed oil has to offer.

All SBT Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is 100% Organic & NON GMO. Every single batch goes through rigorous testing to make sure it is the best quality available with the highest possible nutritional values. We source ethically harvested Seed Oil from organic farms worldwide (including Canada).

Seed oil is one of the primary ingredients in every product we produce. All products are proudly made by hand in Peachland, British Columbia Canada. We ship internationally and love our customers!

Thank you for reading this week’s Botanical Tuesday – we hope you enjoyed it.

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