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100ml Fruit Oil

#BotanicalTuesday We are so excited to be starting this segment and spreading the word about beautiful quality plant oils! Today will be all about our Organic Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil and next week we will talk about all the amazing powers of Seabuckthorn Seed Oil.

Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil –
There are only two known plant sources of Omega 7 – of the two Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil has the most Omega 7 (our batches test between 34-43%).

It has shown remarkable benefits in the treatment of Eczema & Dermatitis, acid reflux, blood sugar management, relieving dry eyes, reducing fatty liver and healing oral & stomach ulcers along with a couple other great benefits (check out our infographic on Pinterest for more benefits – http://ow.ly/UMpXm )

Topical application of SBT Fruit Oil (Amazing Omega 7) can help to heal fresh & old scars, aid in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and Eczema & Dermatitis.

It is rich in carotenoids (41 to be exact), packed with antioxidants, and contains full complex vitamin e. These nutrients help to protect against environmental damage & free radicals while slowing the aging process of your skin.

There are so many amazing benefits to adding this oil to your diet & skincare regime – we warn you though – it is very orange and should be diluted with either our SBT Seed Oil or your favourite serum/facial moisturizer, – if you don’t you may look like a little bit like an oompa loompa (trust me I’ve been there). *It can stain your clothes so make sure you’re not applying it in your favourite outfit.

Hope everyone enjoyed our first Botanical Tuesday! xo.

Fun Fact – Russian Cosmonauts took Seabuckthorn with them into space to help protect them from radiation damage.


*Photo courtesy of Mary B. To read her blog post on how our Organic Vegan Fruit Oil helped her acne scars & hyperpigmentation visit  www.makeupbymaryb.com/2013/11/sea-buckthorn-fruit-oil-from.html 

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