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Botanical Tuesdays are back baby! Twice a month we will be posting our botanical Tuesday (ingredient spotlight) blog posts so that you can learn more about the amazing ingredients we use and why we use them. Tuesday is scientifically proven to be the most stressful day of the week and one of the best ways to destress comes from nature. Whether it is watching a nature show, getting out for a walk, or reading our botanical Tuesdays – it all helps to reduce stress. So without further ado – our botanical today is the beautiful eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus was discovered by the western world in the 1770’s. In 1777 a specimen was brought to the British Museum in London where it was given its first official name – Eucalyptus obliqua – by a French botanist working there at the time. There wasn’t much documentation on Eucalyptus again until closer to the beginning of the 19th century. English botanist James Edward Smith discovered several other species of Eucalyptus during this time. As time would continue to move on and more land was explored – it was discovered that there are 15 species of Eucalyptus found outside Australia with 9 being exclusively non-Australian and even growing as far north as the Philippines.

What is really astonishing is just how many species of eucalyptus there are. There are 700 difference species of Eucalyptus and as only 9 are exclusively non-Australian, this means that Australia alone holds 691 different species of eucalyptus!! One of the main species is Eucalyptus (regnans) which is actually the tallest flowering plant on earth! Many species are also known as Gum Trees because they produce ‘gum’ from any breaks that occur in the bark. Gum Trees are the species of leaves that koala’s prefer and live in because their height offers both safety and nourishment from their favourite leaves (eucalypt/gum tree).

Eucalyptus also has great benefits for the environment too. Not only is it fast growing (which takes burden off of water and land resources) but it is a great source of nectar for honeybees.  It is now cultivated widely in Asia, Australia, Europe, and even the United States by small and large farmers alike.  Many parts of the plant can be utilized including the bark for wood and lumber and the leaves are highly sought out to be used in beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements + they are most commonly turned into valuable essential oil.  It’s this essential oil that makes it so common in many western households because it can be utilized for its various wellness & decongesting benefits.

The species of Eucalyptus used for essential oil is the Eucalyptus globulus which is packed with health benefits. Although not widely used in the western world until the 20th century – it had (more than) proven the concentrated healing and benefits that lay in the oil of the leaves by the 21st century. It has antiseptic properties which make it a popular oil used in the treatment of wound healing products – especially those for bug bites & bee stings. It is also analgesic (pain relieving) + anti-inflammatory which is why it is sometimes used in topical pain products. One of its popular uses is that in natural bug sprays and as a natural insecticide as bugs hate it and it is 100% natural (win win). Lastly, one of the largest benefits that come with Eucalyptus Oil is its ability to aid in respiratory health.

We use Eucalyptus Oil in our Coughs, Colds, & Sniffles Too Soothing Salve (+ Sniffle Stick) because of all the amazing respiratory benefits it offers. It is effective at relieving several cold and flu symptoms including cough, runny nose, sore throat, and nasal congestion. + It has even been linked to benefits of treating asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis naturally.  Eucalyptus globulus also possesses antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties that make it the perfect addition to natural chest & throat rubs (like ours!).

Our Coughs, Colds, & Sniffles Too Soothing Salve (& Sniffle Stick) decongests and relieves congestion like no other. In addition to Eucalyptus (sinus congestion) we also utilize the amazing properties of Peppermint Oil (head + lung congestion), Ravensara Oil (nasal congestion), Ravintsara Oil (head congestion) which all work together to target the 4 main areas of congestion (head, nasal, throat, & chest). + It stops a cough instantly and relieves a sore/swollen/scratchy throat naturally.  These essential oils are mixed in a beautiful base of coconut oil, cocoa butter, Candelilla wax, and seabuckthorn oils which help the oil to go below the surface of the skin to provide much deeper & lasting relief. No one ever wants to get sick – but when you do you will be so thankful to have a tin of this natural goodness on hand. Click here to learn more or purchase.

Thank you so much for tuning in to our botanical Tuesday and we will be back in a couple weeks with our next one <3

Crystal’s Tip:   Eucalyptus is extremely concentrated and needs to be mixed into a carrier oil for usage. Be aware that for those with sensitive skin it can cause a rash or irritation which is why it is best to buy congestion products formulated by professionals (like ours). One of the best ways to use Eucalyptus at home is to add a couple drops to an essential oil diffuser or burner (with water) so that the decongesting vapors can travel through the air and provide relief. + It has benefits for mental clarity and acts as a stimulant so utilizing its aromatherapy properties when feeling sluggish or stressed is highly recommended.

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