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Everyone has heard of Tea Tree Oil – for years it has been a staple in many peoples medicine cabinets to banish blemishes, fight fungal infections, and even as a natural treatment for the dreaded lice outbreak that seems to happen every fall.  For as popular as Tea Tree Oil is – one of its family members with some stellar therapeutic purposes is almost never talked about – Lemon Tea Tree (Leptospermum petersonii).

As with all members of the Tea Tree family Lemon Tea Tree possesses a beautiful pungent aroma that is used in natural cleaning products as it helps to freshen stale air and is also often used in aromatherapy as it aids in relaxation, concentration, & happiness while banishing stress.

Lemon Tea Tree grows naturally in Australia and like other Melaleucas (paperbarks, honey-myrtles & tea-trees) it can grow in amongst wetlands and rivers.  In the wild Lemon Tea Tree can reach a height of 6 meters but cultivated Lemon Tea Tree usually only gets to be about 2 meters. Its  wooden branches are too small to be used for much so it harvested along with the stems and leaves for their healing properties.  Lemon Tea Tree leaves were traditionally used to fight infections and treat skin conditions.  Today the most common (global) way to add Lemon Tea Tree to your routine is by purchasing the essential oil that is extracted from the plant via steam.

Lemon Tea Tree is still used to heal infections but it has become very popular in natural anti-fungal products and condition specific hair care products such as dandruff & psoriasis shampoos.

We take advantage of Lemon Tea Tree’s anti-fungal powers in our Heal to Toe Soothing Salve which helps to heal a myriad of pesky foot problems including Athlete’s Foot.  We also use Lemon Tea Tree Oil in our Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner as it repairs dandruff, balances scalp oils, nourishes the scalp, reduces scalp itch, and aids in the treatment of scalp psoriasis – and did we mention it makes your hair super shiny, soft, & strong.  To learn more about these products visit Seabuckthorn.com

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