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Oops! They did it again! Researchers have removed another card from the house built by the beer, wine and spirits stakeholders who are trying to convince consumers that alcohol consumption confers a net health benefit.

Yes, research still shows that heart disease (by the way one of the easiest syndromes to improve or avoid through lifestyle changes) is improved with moderate alcohol consumption (or at least isn’t made worse. As far as they can tell.). But in yet another study – Study links heavier drinking to prostate cancer – incidences of cancer rise in proportion to rising alcohol use; in this example, it’s prostate cancer. In a recent post – Study says one serving of alcohol per day enough to increase cancer risk in women – researchers found an increase in several other cancers linked to levels of alcohol use, in a study of 3 million women.

There is a marriage of convenience here: booze stakeholders who want to get consumers to drink more, and people who want to find a reason to not drink less. It’s a challenging relationship to break up – but the wedge, provided by hard science – is getting sharper.

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